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The complete description of
Orkideh paint & resin industries

Orkideh toos, paint & resin industries started its activities in 1997 in Mashad The capital city of north-eastern province of Khorasan.

Utilizing the most advanced technology & machineries in paint industry the company enjoyed the cooperation of paint technicians & engineers to supply industrial marine, traffic, construction, epoxy & static paint coating in an area more than 10000 sq meters.
In a short period of time Orkideh toos became a well known national brand in industrial paint opening its way into country’s industrial paint market, providing top quality paint to the industry.
Orkideh received more than 11awards & trophies along with international certification & medals for its top quality paint from different international exhibition & was introduced as unique model in Khorasan province.
Obtaining ISO 9001-2000 certification in paint quality the company was honored as “top national brand” in paint as well as quality management in the years of 1998, 2000 & 2004 by Iran’s institute of standard & industrial research center.