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Hybrid epoxy-ply ester powder coating

Color: As per shade color
Product description: Weather ability powder coating for outdoor; excellent performance for anti-ultraviolet ray; Good physical and mechanical property. Outstanding temperature resistance and chemical resistance. The powder coatings are recommended both for interior and exterior service conditions depending on the type of the product. They are used as on coat or as a finish for the protection of finishing carpentry, metal furniture, electric appliances , heating units/ radiators, metal containers and packaging parts and products of motorcar industry, construction and farming machines
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Continued improvement in formulation, applications equipment and process economics have established powder coating as one of today’s preferred finishing technologies. Powder coating is the fastest growing segment of the coatings industry because it is an environmentally acceptable method that provide top quality performance for what is probably that lowest applied film cost per square foot of any coating type/ Powder coating are 100% solid material and are free from solvents. No solvents present in the process, reduce fire hazard, little air pollution, lower toxicity environment for operators.

Physical constants:
Polyester/epoxy powder coating
Hybrid formulation represent the largest sector for the powder coating market when performance characteristics such as:
  • Excellent mechanical & electrical properties
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • High gloss for decorative application
  • Excellent adhesion
  • UV stability and weathering resistance
Application Details:
Method of application:
by electrostatic spraying, spraying your electrostatic.
Before apply the surface must be clean and remove of dust etc.
Powder coatings into a high-temperature oven for full cured of coating:
Temperature Time
180-200 ˚C 20 min